Thierry Jean

After nearly two and half years removed from the music industry, Thierry’s lifelong passion for collecting records was revitalized when he heard the sounds of Ghanaian musician De Frank Kakrah. Who was this man, what was his life like, and what inspired him to write such beautiful music?

Not much is known about De Frank, but we aim to dig up his albums, find the people that knew him, and share his music and story.

Originally from Paris, Thierry Jean grew up collecting records along his many travels all over the world. His love for digging for vinyl started at a very young age and only grew as society became more digitized.

In 2019, Thierry moved back to Paris to reconnect with his roots and prepare his first journey to West Africa. After a last minute flight back to the Americas trying to escape the ensuing chaos of a changing world, he is currently selling off much of his personal collection while delivering live performances to save up for his voyage.

The global pandemic of 2020 changed so many lives, but it was only a bump in the road in the course of human existence… the digging will always continue. We have been pleased to observe the resurgence of vinyl with new energy and creativity being shared amongst musicians all over the world.

Thierry Jean’s mission is simple: Find the man that composed the music that quite literally saved his life, and thank him.

But where is De Frank Kakrah and is he still alive today?

…Find Out What We Know #FindingDeFrank