Finding De Frank

De Frank Kakra
De Frank Kakra

Aliases: De Frank, De Frank J., De Frank Jnr, De Frank Jr, De Frank Jr., De Frank Junior, De Frank Kakra, De-Frank, Franco Jr., Frank Kakra, Frank Kakrah

In Groups: De Frank Professionals, K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas, Okukuseku’s No.2 Guitar Band, Saints ’73, Samdan’s 8, The Barbecues, The Professional Diggit Ways

Bio (Short):

Ghanaian musician born January, 6 1953 in Teveme, Lomé, Togo.
Frank Kakrah, better known as De Frank, started his career as a drummer and percussionist in bands. In 1976, Frank created his own group The Professionals.

Known Discography (Click Image To Listen)

Baby Don't Play Me Wayo
De Frank Kakrah - Baby Don't Play Me Wayo
Jamaican Sounds
De Frank Junior & The Professional Diggit Ways - Jamaican Sounds
De Frank Professionals
De Frank Professionals
Psychedelic Man
De Frank And His Professionals - Psychedelic Man