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De Frank Kakra

Aliases: De Frank, De Frank J., De Frank Jnr, De Frank Jr, De Frank Jr., De Frank Junior, De Frank Kakra, De-Frank, Franco Jr., Frank Kakra, Frank Kakrah

In Groups: De Frank Professionals, K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas, Okukuseku’s No.2 Guitar Band, Saints ’73, Samdan’s 8, The Barbecues, The Professional Diggit Ways

Bio (Short):

Ghanaian musician born January 6, 1953 in Teveme, Lomé, Togo.
Frank Kakrah, better known as De Frank, started his career as a percussionist and vocalists performing and recording with several bands in Ghana and Nigeria. In 1976, De Frank created his own group The Professionals.

Update: 2023

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Our ongoing research has enabled us to accumulate incomplete yet a considerable amount of information through interviews and consistent correspondence with local scholars, musicians, and labels. It is important to highlight that this information is currently confidential due to the ongoing verification process. However, we hope to share these findings with the public in the coming years.

Known Discography (Click Image To Listen)

Baby Don't Play Me Wayo
Baby Don't Play Me Wayo
Diggit Ways of Ghana
Diggit Ways of Ghana - Dig This Way
Jamaican Sounds
De Frank Junior & The Professional Diggit Ways - Jamaican Sounds
The Proffessionals (Full Album Coming Soon)
The Proffessionals (Full Album Coming Soon)
De Frank Professionals
De Frank Professionals
De Frank Jr. - African Sounds
Psychedelic Man
De Frank And His Professionals - Psychedelic Man
Dr. Hayes & The Blue Jeans
Dr. Hayes & The Blue Jeans

Update: 2020

Bio (Long):

In the Ghanian capital of Accra in 1978, De Frank Kakrah was the undisputed king of a flourishing musical scene. Photographs reveal a penchant for extravagantly heeled kung fu shoes and number-52 flares. He brought a lot of sparkle to the pre-bling game with his sumptuously attired band the Professionals.

Born in the Togolese capital of Lome in 1953 he moved east to Accra in his late teens, and chose a good time to hit the bright lights. The reverberations from Fela Kuti’s rise in nearby Nigeria had coaxed a new generation of music-makers into action.

After the fall of president Kwame Nkrumah in 1966, many Ghanaian musicians moved abroad. But by the decade’s end, new music was flowing back in the opposite direction. Different styles and psychedelic spice were being added to the melting pot. Traditional highlife was overtaken by electric guitar bands peddling a brand new type of hybrid boogie. A seismic musical event in 1971 further stirred the local scene: the Soul to Soul music festival in Accra. The influence of two of the headlining acts, Wilson Pickett and The Staple Singers, runs deep in the music of De Frank Professionals.

The majestic power of the organ-driven dance-floor classic Afe Ato Yen Bio is born of tangible soul and gospel roots. It’s evidence of the way musical seeds can sprout such fantastic lifeforms in different conditions and foreign soil. The unrestrained environment of mid-1970’s Accra was fertile ground.

De Frank started out as a percussionist before finding his voice as a singer. An innate feeling for the groove gives him extra elevation on this magical tune. His yearning vocals glide over over beats that would slay into submission anything a modern computer could contrive.

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Performer | Musician | Appears On (Click Image To Listen)

The Barbecues - Aaya Lolo (Side 1)
The Barbecues - Aaya Lolo (Side 1)
The Barbecues - Otswe 'Nu (Side 2)
The Barbecues - Otswe 'Nu (Side 2)
Samdan's 8 - Salamalekum
Samdan's 8 - Salamalekum (Side 2)
Andy Vans - Come Closer
Andy Vans - Come Closer (credited: backup vocals, percussion)
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(percussionist, backup vocalist) (Uploading Soon)
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(credited: percussion) (Uploading Soon)
(credited: unknown)



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